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by Karen on January 9th, 2009

The egg has been both praised as being Nature’s perfect food and maligned as being one of the unhealthiest things that you can eat due to the high cholesterol levels.

So what is the truth?

The fact is that eggs are probably one of the healthiest things you can eat.  It has now been proven that dietary cholesterol has little to no effect on blood cholesterol and eggs have a host of other valuable nutrients including vitamin E, lutein and choline.

But it is true that not all eggs are created equal.  It all depends on the hens.

Eggland’s Best eggs feed their hens a special diet consisting of an all-natural, all vegetarian feed containing healthy grains, canola oil and an all-natural supplement of rice bran, alfalfa, sea kelp and vitamin E.  They never use hormones, steroids or antibiotics of any kind.

They feed their hens a nutritionally superior diet and therefore the hens lay nutritionally superior eggs.

Eggland’s eggs contain 10x more vitamin E than ordinary eggs, 100mg of Omega 3 fatty acids (which are crucial for cardiovascular health), 25% less saturated fat and 200 mcg or Lutein (which is important for eye health).  Also Eggland’s eggs contain only 175 mg of cholesterol compared with 215 mg in an ordinary egg.

So if you are interested in the highest nutrition for your family, Eggland’s Best eggs are a great solution.

And I can always find a coupon for Eggland’s best eggs.

Because, it all adds up.

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