Cheapest Grocery Stores

by Karen on January 12th, 2009

Do you know which store has the best prices in your area?  Do you consistently shop at only one store?

In order to maximize your savings it may be worth it to shop around.  While driving all over town is not necessarily a good strategy, checking the ads and matching your coupons to different stores can be.

You may find that one week you can get your groceries for less at one store and the next week you can get your groceries for less at another store.

One of the best strategies of all is to take advantage of “double coupons”.  Not all stores offer double coupon days but the ones who do definitely can save you more and more money.  Shop around. Use the telephone and call them and ask if they do double coupons.  In this economy if more and more stores offered incentives like that it would serve us all.

Because, it all adds up.

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